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The Emblem work (Godło in Polish) of 2013 tackles the difficult question if our identity and unity can be retained when a representative symbol has been deformed – misshapen so much so as to become something virtually unrecognisable. Where is the limit of identifying with a hostile hybrid if its core is a universally recognised symbol, encoded in the common consciousness? Martyna Jastrzębska continues exploring the notions that began in the work entitled Once Upon a Time (2013) – the “unmemory” – a deformed consciousness, the “bad” memory that impairs the clear message of symbols and events. So far, Godło was exhibited by the WYSPA Institute of Art in Gdańsk – on one aptly selected day – the eleventh of November 2013 and could be seen as a piece of performance art (the eleventh of November is the date of the Polish Independence Day).

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