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martyna jastrzębska_koń_2018.jpg

horse, 2018

1.artwork_A handful of lead_martyna jast
1_A handful of lead (detail)_martyna jas
martyna jastrzębska_śniąc o charlotte3.j

a handful of lead, 2019


burn the ___, 2018


obelisk, 2018

Fragments, 2018-2019

In one of his essays, Walter Benjamin wrote about clearing "an object" of history and context as part of building, creating a new construction. This gesture also means abandoning the past, rejecting past values. Objects from the Fragments series are crumbs of the past, phantoms created by dwarfing great ideas, power or authorities. Made from simple, basic, workshop materials such as gypsum mortar, lead and wood, these objects are deprived of their original, symbolic meanings. Pulled out of their former context, they feed a different reality, becoming a ruin of their past forms.

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