Martyna Jastrzębska (born in 1987) – multimedia artist, a graduate and a lecturer at Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, Poland.

Since 2013 Martyna Jastrzębska has been working with “bitumix” which constitutes her signature technique utilising a variety of mixtures of glues and bitumen. This material has become the means of expression for the artists’ interests – focused around imitating organic and ambiguous matter. Placing objects and symbols that function in the popular imagination in new contexts has been an important motif in her artistic activity. Martyna Jastrzębska continues exploring the notions that began in the work entitled Once Upon a Time (2013) – the “unmemory” – a deformed consciousness, the “bad” memory that impairs the clear message of symbols and events. 

Exhibitions and individual artistic activity:

2020 - Bad trip, Tajna Galeria, Gdańsk

2019 - Diptych, Kulturhauz, Toruń

2018 - Twilight state, WL4 - Milk Peter, Gdańsk

2017 - Klechda, Kolonia Artystów, Gdańsk 

2015 - Vergessenheit, WYSPA Institute of Art, Gdańsk

2014 – BITUMIX, Nowe Miejsce gallery, Warsaw

2014 – WAITING, an open, international project on impacting the public space with objects

2014 – Klasa (Class), 3A Project Space, Gdynia

2013 – Godło (Emblem), WYSPA Institute of Art, Gdańsk

2013 – Once Upon a Time, Gdańsk City Gallery, Gdańsk



Selected exhibitions and collective works:

2020 - NEWCOMERS. New Collection for the New 100th Anniversary; Koneser Prague Center, Warsaw

2020 - New order, POS, Łódź

2020 - Spring in the Józef Bem Housing Estate; Arsenal Gallery, Białystok

2020 - Over the structures; CICA Museum, Gimpo

2019 - Nest. 1939/1989/2019; Galerie Art Supplement, Göttingen

2019 - Woman's Essence; Palazzo Zenobio, Venice

2018 - Perspektive sjevera; AŽ Atelieri Žitnjak, Zagreb

2018 - Found ă mentalism II, St James Cavalier, Valletta

2017 - re_form 11. Internationale Ausstellung, Ostrale Biennale, Dresden

2017 - Grassomania 9 Sieroca Re: visited vol. 2, Gdańsk 

2016 - Gdańsk Biennale of Art; Gdańsk City Gallery 2, Gdańsk

2016 - Animal; Bardzo Biała Gallery, Warsaw

2016 - Bones of all men; Centre Of Contemporary Art, Toruń

2016 - Narracje #8 Kingdom 60,8 m a.s.l; Gdańsk

2016 - We will see; Konnektor forum für künste, Hannover
2016 - Oksydan; 11. inSPIRACJE festival, 13muz, Szczecin 

2015 - WYSPA 3.0. The Map and the Territory; WYSPA Institute of Art, Gdańsk

2015 - The Young Art Biennal "Fish Eye" 8; Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art, Słupsk

2015 - Absolwent (Graduate); WYSPA Institute of Art, Gdańsk

2014 - To nie moja bajka! (It's not my story!); Gunter Grass Gallery, Gdańsk

2014 – Xtreme; 10. inSPIRACJE festival, 13muz, Szczecin

2014 – Powroty (Returns), Neurony Lustrzane, Warsaw

2013 – Przebiśniegi – a piece at the exhibition entitled “…apokryfy, imponderabilia – Alina Szapocznikow”), PGS, Sopot




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