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"(...) Martyna Jastrzębska sharpens the isolation of Biskupia Górka from the rest of Gdańsk and moves it to a symbolic level. At the place intuitively considered as a “gate” to the neighbourhood she places a concrete pillar, a border mark. By passing it we enter a different territory.

The border stones are signs of division. “Kingdoms” are protecting their borders, often spilling blood of its people to protect the territory from the Others. The pillar, however, set by Jastrzębska, instead of a state emblem holds an inscription We are allowed to love, writes the artist on the border of Biskupia Górka with type inspired by German Szwabacher font – and adds district’s geographic coordinates. In the artist’s intention calling up love redefines the symbolic of division and barrier, which is the essence of borders. But the border sign set up by Jastrzębska doesn’t separate, it invites."

by Stach Szabłowski

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